Sex Crimes

Understanding Sexual Assault Laws and Consequences in Texas

January 29, 2024

Sexual assault is a serious and complex legal issue in Texas, with significant consequences for accused individuals. Understanding the legal definitions and meanings of consent is vital in this sensitive area. This blog post aims to provide a clear understanding of what constitutes sexual assault in Texas, the legal framework surrounding consent, and the potential […]

The Digital Dilemma: Sexting, Cyber Harassment, and Texas Law

November 20, 2023

In today’s digital world, technology and law often intersect in complex ways, particularly concerning sex crimes. Texas law has adapted to address the challenges of sexting, cyber harassment, and similar issues. This article breaks down these legal areas in a straightforward manner, helping you navigate the digital world responsibly.

Texas Pornography Laws

November 15, 2023

Originally posted on July 27, 2016. Updated November 2023 to reflect current information. Some people have a moral objection to certain forms of pornography. They may find them in poor taste or believe that they are harmful to society. Other people object to pornography for religious reasons.

Sex Offender Registration: What Can and Can’t I Do

October 16, 2023

Publisher’s Note: Originally published June 27th, 2014. Updated October 16th, 2023, to ensure content reflects current and relevant information. Being convicted of a sex-related crime in Texas can lead to automatic, mandatory registration in the sex offender database. While the registration can often last for 10 years, or on some occasions life, recent updates indicate […]