Sex Crimes

Penalties for Indecent Exposure in Texas

August 16, 2021

Texas employs stringent laws to protect the public from exposure to unwanted sexual behaviors. It especially prohibits people from displaying themselves just to rile or offend others. However, you may be unclear about how you can behave with your romantic partner in public or where you can engage in tasks like changing your clothing, particularly […]

What Happens When You’re Convicted of Child Pornography Charges in Texas

June 23, 2021

Texas laws aggressively pursue anyone who partakes in child pornography in the state. People who are charged with this crime face some of the harshest civil and criminal penalties. They are also subject to being prosecuted both at the state and federal levels. When you find yourself charged with possessing or promoting child pornography in […]

Texas Law on Child Pornography

November 18, 2020

Remember when our parents warned us about talking to strangers online? Long gone are those days! As adults, about 53% of the population think that dating sites, where you meet strangers online, are “very” or “somewhat” safe. Do you really know who you’re talking to, though? What happens if you end up in an intimate […]