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Many criminal defendants wrongly assume that retaining an experienced criminal defense lawyer isn’t financially feasible. Brett A. Podolsky believes that every defendant should be able to hire an affordable lawyer who has payment plans.

Taking on the criminal justice system alone is a bad idea–teaming up with an affordable defense attorney could be the difference between living with a criminal record and enjoying a promising future. Whether you are facing sex crime, drug possession/distribution, or any other type of charges, the Law Office Brett A. Podolsky is prepared to help.



If you are seeking help with your criminal charges, attorney Brett Podolsky can help. Contact our office today.

Defense Lawyer with Payment Plans


There’s no reason to plead guilty to a crime without benefiting from the legal protections that only an experienced criminal defense lawyer can provide. The criminal justice system is complicated, and the prosecutor isn’t likely to cut a defendant some slack just because they don’t have a lawyer. Believe it or not, it’s now possible for every criminal defendant to receive top-notch legal representation.

Brett Podolsky is a low-cost attorney with extensive experience representing Houston area criminal defendants in court. Every client receives a complimentary case evaluation before any financial arrangements are discussed. Mr. Podolsky will recommend an effective criminal defense strategy and a financial arrangement that meets the personal needs of each client. A criminal defendant can receive the best for less by retaining the services of a low-cost lawyer who has an outstanding reputation.

During the course of the complimentary consultation, which can be conducted by telephone or an office visit, every client is provided an opportunity to tell their side of the story. After considering the nature and scope of the case, Mr. Podolsky will typically estimate the fee that will be required if the defendant decides to accept a plea agreement. He will also describe the fees that will be incurred if the case proceeds to trial. Finally, he will indicate the amount of the initial deposit that will be required to begin work on the case.

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There’s no need for a criminal defendant to forego the invaluable assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. A flexible payment plan can make it possible for a defendant to avoid a criminal record, jail and financial penalties.



Are you or someone you know facing criminal charges? Contact attorney Brett Podolsky today for aggressive legal defense.

Houston criminal defense lawyer Brett A. Podolsky is a former prosecutor for the State of Texas. He uses his years of criminal trial experience and knowledge of the criminal laws to advise and defend people.

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Client Testimonials

Brett Podolsky is by far one of the best and understanding lawyers out there. When my husband was wrongfully accused of being In possession of drugs after a house raid, Brett did everything in his power to get all the info and all the details to get the best results. They kept offering time and more time and he just kept rejecting because it’s not what he wanted for his client. After 2 years of fighting this case, on the day of the jury trial he was able to get the whole case completely dropped! He will work with you if you work with him. He will now forever be someone I recommend. Thanks Brett for all your hard work and dedication to keep our loved ones out here in the free world.

Yviee Barboza

Four years ago I found myself in criminal court case. It was the first time that anything like this has ever happened to me! I hired the wrong lawyer and then scouted to find a replacement. By the grace of god I found Brett and his firm. This man showed me what real lawyer is supposed do. They helped me understand my position, kept me updated and the professional manner that was even see in court! Every lawyer when seeing him would shake his hand, his reputation you could see showed me that he took extra care of his clients and was respected in his industry. His secretary Vivien was very fast to reply when I needed any questions answers. A lot of pressure was taken off my shoulders when I knew I was in good hands. Brett had a game plan and I could see my future. If your looking for a lawyer in a criminal case, look no further. Brett is your man! I am blessed to have found a lawyer , that not only is the best in his profession but also cares about his clients.

Dominick Soliz

This law office helped me get through a rough time I was having after being accused off a felony assault. They believed my side of the story and fought my case without any problems. I was very happy when I realized that I had a great lawyer. Brett is awesome and has gave me a sense of pride by just having a great lawyer. I’ve been informed today my case was dropped and I’m grateful to even give this guy a review thanks a lot to Brett and the whole team over there.

Brian Blackwolf