Sex Crimes

Texas Law on Child Pornography

November 18, 2020

Remember when our parents warned us about talking to strangers online? Long gone are those days! As adults, about 53% of the population think that dating sites, where you meet strangers online, are “very” or “somewhat” safe. Do you really know who you’re talking to, though? What happens if you end up in an intimate […]

Your Guide to Sex Offender Restrictions in Texas

October 30, 2019

Were you convicted of a sex crime? Are you required to register as a sex offender after your prison sentence? You’re not alone. It’s estimated that over 740,000 registered sex offenders reside within the U.S. While they aren’t sentenced to a life behind bars, a sexual offender’s lifestyle is highly restricted even after they’re released […]

Diving into the Unsolicited Sexual Content Law

October 16, 2019

One of the many new laws to hit the books on September 1, 2019, was HB 2789, informally known as the “unsolicited sexual content law.” It is an amendment to Texas Penal Code Chapter 21, Sexual Offenses. The added section to the code is formally entitled “Unlawful Transmission of Sexually Explicit Visual Material.” In simpler […]

Mental Capacity and Sex Crimes Criminal Defense

May 14, 2019

  Most people accused of a sex crime have one of two options when making their cases in court. They can have their lawyers enter a plea of innocent or guilty depending on factors like the evidence against them, prior criminal histories, and eyewitness testimonies. However, these two plea options may not adequately apply to […]

What You Need to Know About Improper Student-Teacher Relationships

February 6, 2019

The American media is reporting more on inappropriate relationships between educators and students. When these cases are brought to life, the media make it a point to highlight the punishments that educators receive for having sexual relations with students. In fact, most people in America today know that such relationships are illegal. However, they may […]