Sex Crimes

Sex Offender Registration: What Can and Can’t I Do

October 16, 2023

Publisher’s Note: Originally published June 27th, 2014. Updated October 16th, 2023, to ensure content reflects current and relevant information. Being convicted of a sex-related crime in Texas can lead to automatic, mandatory registration in the sex offender database. While the registration can often last for 10 years, or on some occasions life, recent updates indicate […]

The Potential Penalties of Sex Crimes Involving a Minor

February 20, 2023

Texas saves some of its harshest penalties for a sex crime involving a minor. Even being charged with this crime can damage your reputation and potential for work and shelter, whether you are convicted or not. It’s all too easy for an innocent individual to be tarred with the brush of pedophilia or child rapist, […]

Prostitution and Solicitation Crimes in Texas

September 22, 2022

Recently, Texas has cracked down on prostitution and solicitation within its state borders. The primary goal is to reduce the demand in an attempt to mitigate human trafficking. If a law officer arrests you for either prostitution or solicitation, you face a felony charge that significantly impacts your life.