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What You Need to Know About Spousal Immunity in Texas

Posted on January 22, 2020 by Law Office of Brett A Podolsky

If your spouse has been charged with a criminal offense, you might be questioning whether you will be asked to testify during their trial. It can be traumatizing to discover that a loved one has been slapped with serious charges. Often, the accused's boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse can suffer from cognitive dissonance, which causes them to question their own memories. Because of reason and others, spouses are...

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Penalties for Committing Healthcare Fraud in Texas

Posted on December 27, 2019 by Law Office of Brett A Podolsky

Are you paying attention to politics? If so, then you already know that healthcare has become a central issue for both major parties in the United States. There are good reasons why healthcare is such a hot-button topic. All of us require expert medical care at some point in our lives, and none of us want to be negatively impacted by the fraud that runs rampant in...

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9 Common Types of Healthcare Fraud in Texas

Posted on December 23, 2019 by Law Office of Brett A Podolsky

From universal healthcare proposals to the ongoing opioid crisis, there are a lot of controversies swirling around the healthcare industry. One aspect that is brought up consistently is healthcare fraud. This serious issue isn’t just a matter of conscience. It’s often considered criminal behavior, and it’s far from victimless. Healthcare crimes account for about three percent of our nation’s overall healthcare spending, and that $68 billion could be...

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Texas Upgrades Assault on Pregnant Women to Felony Charge

Posted on December 18, 2019 by Law Office of Brett A Podolsky

Assaulting another person is a serious offense in the eyes of the law. Assaulting a pregnant woman used to be treated in the same way as assaulting any other person, but things are changing in Texas. New laws are being put into place to ensure that the unborn child, who is also impacted by the assault, gets justice. What does that mean for those who are accused...

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The Laws in Texas: Possession of Opioids

Posted on November 14, 2019 by Law Office of Brett A Podolsky

Has your doctor ever written you a prescription for painkillers? If so, then you likely already know how much relief these drugs can provide for those in need. These types of drugs do have a dark side, though. They can be very addictive and harmful in large doses. As a result, both the federal government and the state of Texas have criminalized the possession of opioids without...

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