Constitutional Rights

Your Rights as a Defendant in a Criminal Case

July 17, 2023

The US Constitution and the Texas Criminal Code set out your rights as a defendant in any court of law. Many of these rights you may have heard on television police procedurals when the on-screen cop speaks the Miranda warning.

Your Legal Rights During Quarantine

May 28, 2020

From injecting disinfectants to pinpointing the source of the outbreak, there’s a lot of misinformation spreading around the globe regarding the current coronavirus pandemic. False narratives and alternative facts are spreading almost as rapidly as the disease itself! One topic that’s getting greatly misconstrued right now is each individual’s rights during a mandatory lockdown. We’re […]

Can You Be Arrested for Violating COVID-19 Related Orders in Texas?

May 13, 2020

It was just a few short months ago when our economy reached unprecedented highs, but now, everything has changed. Suddenly, a record number of Americans are applying for unemployment, school has been canceled, and oil prices have plummeted beyond belief. What happened? The coronavirus pandemic, and the government’s response to it, seems to have thrown […]

How Criminal Cases Start and How the Prosecution Operates

January 3, 2018

In Texas, a criminal investigation starts either by an individual filing a complaint about a crime or a crime occurring. If an individual files a police compliant, they allege someone committed a crime against them such as stalking or assault. The alleged victim may name the person they know or believed committed the crime. The […]