Sexual Assault

Houston Sex Crimes: Texas Laws and Examples

July 26, 2017

Most Texans think of law enforcement professionals as those who protect us. Sometimes, the very people we count on to keep us safe do us harm. A recent news story shows just how much harm a public officer can allegedly do. This defendant needs the best criminal defense attorney or legal team he can assemble. […]

Legal Defense Strategies When Accused Of A Sex Crime

March 1, 2017

While it is always troubling to be accused of any type of crime, people who are accused of a sex crime face a particularly difficult set of challenges. Sex crimes often bring feelings of outrage from the public and the defendant feels embarrassed for being accused of something so terrible. However, it is possible to […]

Aggravated Sexual Assault in Texas: Laws and Penalties

December 28, 2016

The Texas Penal Code has an independent definition for aggravated sexual assault that is separate from sexual assault or aggravated assault. Although aggravated assault is an independent offense, it has elements of aggravated assault and sexual assault offenses. The punishment for aggravated sexual assault is more severe than for other kinds of sexual assault.

Date Rape, Pt. 2: Legal Defense and Possible Penalties

September 14, 2016

Being charged with sexual assault in Texas is incredibly serious. A conviction for this offense can result in lengthy jail time and mandatory registration on the Texas sex offender database. The best way to defend against these charges in court is to consult with an experienced defense attorney.

Date Rape, Pt. 1: Charges and Investigations

September 7, 2016

The issue of sexual assault has become one of the most complex legal challenges of our time. As society changes, there has been a greater effort to increase awareness about sexual assault in all of its forms. This includes the type of sexual assault known as date rape.