How Credit Fraud Happens

January 10, 2023

According to the Federal Trade Commission, more than three-quarters of a million Americans reported new or existing credit fraud in 2019, making credit fraud the prevailing type of identity theft. The Nilson report shows losses from credit fraud were almost $28 billion in 2018, with the US losing nearly $9.5 million. 

What to Do If You’re Accused of Credit Card Fraud

October 15, 2021

Credit card fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes in Texas. It victimizes thousands of people each year and costs businesses and banks millions of dollars in losses. Because of the severe damages that this crime inflicts on the public, it is punished severely and can lead to long lasting and far reaching consequences. […]

Penalties for Committing Healthcare Fraud in Texas

December 27, 2019

Are you paying attention to politics? If so, then you already know that healthcare has become a central issue for both major parties in the United States. There are good reasons why healthcare is such a hot-button topic. All of us require expert medical care at some point in our lives, and none of us […]

9 Common Types of Healthcare Fraud in Texas

December 23, 2019

From universal healthcare proposals to the ongoing opioid crisis, there are a lot of controversies swirling around the healthcare industry. One aspect that is brought up consistently is healthcare fraud. This serious issue isn’t just a matter of conscience. It’s often considered criminal behavior, and it’s far from victimless. Healthcare crimes account for about three […]