Ponzi Schemes and Texas Fraud Laws

February 8, 2017

Over the past decade a number of financial frauds have been uncovered by both federal and Texas investigators. The monetary value of these fraudulent operations has been staggering, ranging from in excess of $70 billion in the case of Bernie Madoff’s long-running Ponzi Scheme to a few thousand dollars typical of social media-based Pyramid Schemes […]

Check Kiting: Victimless Crime? Not quite…

August 5, 2015

Check kiting is a type of check fraud that is perpetrated under many different circumstances in Texas. At the most basic level, check kiting occurs when a person takes advantage of the time delay between depositing a check and the time when the check clears. For some people, check kiting may be a way to […]

The Most Common Types of White Collar Crime

July 29, 2015

Many people may have heard the term “white collar crime” on the evening news or on television dramas. This is a catch-all term used to refer to a number of different illegal activities. The name is derived from the fact that these types of criminal offenses are usually perpetrated by people who work for major […]

Jumping Bail for Check Fraud: Get a Lawyer Now Or…

July 18, 2014

If you thought bounty hunting was a relic of the old west, think again. When a check fraud defendant decides to jump bail after being arrested and released, it’s bad news for both the defendant and the bail bondsman. The defendant could face additional criminal charges and the bail bondsman might have to pay the […]