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Is Marijuana Legal in Texas?

Posted on September 30, 2021 by Law Office of Brett A Podolsky

Marijuana use and possession continue to become legalized in states across the country. However, Texas is one of 13 states that outlaws it for recreational purposes.  Instead, the state allows for precise concessions for which a person in Texas can own and use this substance. You can avoid being charged for marijuana possession and recreational use by understanding under what circumstances that it is legal to have...

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Penalties of Drug Trafficking in Texas

Posted on June 30, 2021 by Law Office of Brett A Podolsky

Texas state laws are designed to discourage and eliminate people who live in or visit the state from possessing, using and distributing drugs. In fact, anyone who is found guilty of any of these offenses in Texas can face serious, long-lasting and expensive repercussions. When you have been charged with drug trafficking in this state, you have a limited opportunity to argue for your best interests in...

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What Happens If I Get Caught with Weed in Texas?

Posted on May 25, 2021 by Law Office of Brett A Podolsky

Marijuana continues to be legalized in many states in the U.S. However, Texas still strictly regulates this drug and outlaws people in the state possessing, growing or selling it. If you are charged with any of these offenses, you could face serious legal and civil penalties. You can protect yourself from going to jail or paying steep fines by hiring an experienced marijuana defense attorney to represent...

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Cocaine Laws in Texas

Posted on April 20, 2021 by Law Office of Brett A Podolsky

Texas has some of the most stringent drug laws in the U.S. It particularly does not tolerate anyone in the state possessing or selling cocaine. People in Texas who are found guilty of these offenses face steep penalties and punishments. If you are charged with cocaine possession or distribution in the state, you should retain an experienced cocaine defense lawyer to represent you immediately. Cocaine Laws in Texas The...

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Your Guide to Drug Offenses in Texas

Posted on February 5, 2021 by Law Office of Brett A Podolsky

Were you or a loved one recently arrested on a drug charge? The sentencing for drug offenses in Texas is complicated and based upon the classification of the drug. Learn more about the laws regarding different drug offenses and their penalties below. Categorization of Drugs in Texas The penalties associated with drug offenses in Texas depend upon the category of drug associated with the charge. Some drugs may...

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