Child Abuse

Megan’s Law in Texas

February 3, 2016

Every state in the country is required to abide by the rulings of Megan’s Law. One of the major portions of this law is the requirement for each state to maintain an accurate and up-to-date registry of all convicted sex offenders who reside in that state. This registry must contain updated information on each sex […]

Hitting Children: When Discipline Becomes Abuse

January 6, 2016

Texas has very clear and strict laws regarding child abuse of any kind. These laws state that it is a serious crime to cause serious mental or physical harm to be caused to a child by a parent or guardian. However, many parents still choose to use physical forms of discipline, including corporal punishment. Where […]

Child Abandonment: Texas Laws and Punishments

December 30, 2015

Texas laws require parents to perform certain duties for their children. Parents are expected to provide an acceptable standard of care while taking responsibility for the children that they are raising. This includes giving their children a safe place to live while also providing food, attention and taking care of any medical situations. Any parent […]

Texas Laws for Child Enticement

December 16, 2015

Texas laws are very clear about the illegal nature of actions that endanger the safety of children. Not only is it illegal to harm or abuse children, it’s a criminal offense to attempt to lure a child into a situation that could be harmful. This action is known as child enticement in the Texas Penal […]

What Happens If Someone Reports Me to Child Protective Services?

December 9, 2015

Most people in Texas who have children are familiar with Child Protective Services. Even if some parents have never had to interact with CPS, this organization is very well-known. This is because this organization frequently gets involved in cases where parents have been accused of abusing their children. If CPS conducts an investigation into a […]