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Felony Lawyer

Houston Felony Lawyer – Brett A. Podolsky

While misdemeanor offenses may result in a small fine or a few months in jail, being convicted of a felony can forever change a person’s life. Not only can a person receive substantial time in prison, but he or she can also be charged exorbitant fines and lose the reputation that he or she has spent years to build. Brett A. Podolsky will fight aggressively to protect his clients’ rights no matter how serious the charge.

What is a Felony Crime?

Felonies are criminal offenses that the government considers more serious than misdemeanor charges. A felony charge may be the result of possession of certain quantities of drugs, trafficking or distribution charges. They may also arise from violent activities, such as assault, robbery or murder.

Penalties for Felonies

Felony offenses are much more severe and may result in much more significant consequences than misdemeanors. There are various degrees of felony charges that are comprised of their own sentencing guidelines and set of repercussions:

Additionally, all felonies can result in the creation of a criminal record that will follow a person for the rest of his life. An individual may never be able to get certain jobs or professional licenses because of a felony conviction. For this reason, it is best to seek legal advice and representation from an experienced felony lawyer.

Defending Against Accusations

The Texas Penal Code has a specific definition for every felony. There may be a variety of defenses available to criminal defendants based on the particular charge. Some charges may require the defendant to have a certain degree of knowledge regarding the criminal activity. Some felony charges may require a defendant to act intentionally. Other defenses may be available if the police gathered evidence in an illegal manner that violated the defendant’s constitutional rights. A qualified criminal defense attorney can explore all potential defenses for his or her client.

Call a Felony Lawyer

Brett A. Podolosky has provided valuable legal assistance to criminal defendants for years. He is ready and willing to give you the best defense possible.

If you need a Houston felony lawyer, speak to Brett A. Podolsky at 713-227-0087. Let Mr. Podolsky fight for your rights.

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