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Aggravated Sexual Assault

Houston Aggravated Sexual Assault Attorney

All types of sex crimes are treated seriously in Texas, and perhaps the most severe penalties result from aggravated sexual assault charges. Considered a more violent crime than other types of sexual assault, it occurs whenever there is a rape along with one or more aggravating factors:

Individuals can be charged with aggravated sexual assault even if they did not commit the act as long as it can be proven they were an accomplice to someone who carried out the crime.

Harsh Punishments for a Harsh Crime

Aggravated sexual assault is considered to be a first-degree felony. Punishment for this offense can include:

When the victim was less than six years of age, the minimum amount of prison time is 25 years. This is also the case when the victim is under the age of 14 and a deadly weapon, intoxicating drugs, or threat of force was used. To avoid any unnecessary punishments, talk to an aggravated sexual assault lawyer today.

Possible Defenses

Intent plays a major part in a conviction for aggravated sexual assault. If it can be shown that a defendant did not have the requisite mindset when committing the act, he cannot be held responsible for it. Some of the things that could play a part in whether or not an individual was capable of forming intent include:

A qualified aggravated sexual assault lawyer can help put together the best legal defense for your case.

Call an Aggravated Sexual Assault Attorney

There’s a great deal at stake for those accused of aggravated sexual assault. For this reason, their defense shouldn’t be taken lightly. Defendants need aggressive legal representation if they are to obtain a successful outcome. Fortunately, this help is available from Houston aggravated sexual assault attorney Brett Podolsky.

Mr. Podolsky is a former state prosecutor who has handled these types of cases from both sides. He is also board certified in criminal law, a designation given to only a handful of lawyers who meet stringent requirements. He’ll work aggressively to ensure his client’s rights are not violated and that every angle of defense is adequately pursued.

For a free case review, contact Brett Podolsky at 713-227-0087.

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