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Houston Murder Attorney – Brett A. Podolsky

Few crimes rise to the serious nature of murder. Convictions for murder may result in life in prison or even the execution of the offender. Because of the complicated nature of murder charges, a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney is required for these types of cases.

Experienced attorneys like Brett Podolsky will force the prosecution to carry their burden of proof and to make sure that all evidence used by the prosecution was legally obtained. There are several defenses to a murder charge and each one needs to be thoroughly investigated and researched by a defense team. It is imperative to contact a defense attorney experienced in defending murder cases as soon as possible to begin the preparation of a defense.

Murder is one of the most serious criminal charges in Houston, TX. Serious criminal charges require a serious criminal defense. Attorney Brett Podolsky has the skill and experience needed to help. Contact his office today for a consultation to discuss your case.

Types of Murder

A person commits murder if they intentionally or knowingly cause the death of another individual. Five categories of murder exist in Texas:

Manslaughter and intoxication manslaughter are considered lesser degrees of murder because the person may not have intentionally killed the victim. The offender is considered less culpable because of the circumstances surrounding a death. For example, intoxication manslaughter usually occurs when a person consumes too much alcohol and kills another while driving their vehicle intoxicated.

Criminally negligent homicide occurs when the offender’s actions are so careless that he causes the death of another person. This category of murder carries the least amount of culpability.

Penalties for a Murder Conviction

People who are convicted of murder will face imprisonment and substantial fines. A conviction for any category of murder will result in a felony. Imprisonment may last from two years to life. The sentence itself will depend on the exact nature of the case and the characteristics of the defendant.

If the case involves a capital offense, it is possible that the prosecution may seek the death penalty. Murders are considered a capital offense, when something about the crime makes it especially heinous. A capital offense may be the murder of a specific type of person such as a child, firefighter, or police officer. Additionally, a capital offense may be committed if the murder occurs during the commission of another crime. The following offenses, when combined with a death may allow the murder to be charged as capital murder:

How Can Brett A. Podolsky Help?

The Law Office of Brett A. Podolsky will provide an aggressive defense for all clients that have been charged with murder. After a careful evaluation of his client’s case, Brett Podolsky will begin the process to defend his client’s innocence. This may require filing motions to suppress or hiring expert witnesses, however, the exact strategy will depend on the individual circumstances of the case.


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