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Attempted Murder Charges

Houston Attempted Murder Charges Attorney

It goes without saying that attempted murder charges are serious business. Any association with murder in Texas, even attempted murder, is dire. The first order of business should be to locate a qualified and successful attempted homicide lawyer who serves the Greater Houston Area. There’s little time to waste.

Time is short when you are facing criminal charges. Hire an experienced lawyer you can trust to protect your rights and defend you against the Texas legal system. Attorney Brett Podolsky is ready to assist. Contact his office today.

Attempted Murder in Texas

The decision by a prosecutor to file an attempted murder charge can be quite subjective. The intention of the suspect determines whether or not attempted murder charges are filed. One of the following elements must be present to prove an attempted murder charge in a court of law:

Attempted Murder Penalties

Although the penalty for an attempted murder conviction varies greatly depending on the circumstances of the case, the sentence for an attempted murder conviction in the state of Texas is usually one degree of severity less than for a murder conviction. Only a knowledgeable and compassionate attempted murder attorney is prepared to vigorously fight attempted murder charges on behalf of a defendant. A criminal lawyer with significant jury trial experience defending clients against homicide charges is essential.

A felony conviction on attempted murder charges could result in the following penalties:

If a charge of attempted murder is accompanied by other felony charges, the stakes are even higher. The presence of other special circumstances can also escalate the available penalties for an attempted murder conviction. An experienced attempted homicide attorney will leave nothing to chance. Every detail of the case will be carefully evaluated and challenged.

Defending Against Attempted Murder Charges

It’s vital that an attempted murder suspect staunchly exercise their right to remain silent. It’s simply unwise to speak to law enforcement officials prior to consulting with a criminal defense attorney.

The supposed intention of an attempted murder defendant must be challenged by every means possible. A qualified homicide attorney knows how to employ the most effective strategies for challenging the prosecution’s case. Every aspect of a defendant’s presumed preparations prior to the incident and the assumption that the defendant simply failed to commit an intended murder must be reviewed and challenged.

Ask for Help From an Attempted Murder Lawyer in Houston, TX

A veteran attempted murder lawyer will do everything possible to prove that a defendant did not intend to commit a murder. An effective defense strategy could lead to a reduction in charges or outright dismissal of the case. The burden of proof must be placed on the prosecution, as prescribed by Texas law.

Take advantage of the expertise of Brett A. Podolsky, attorney at law, by calling 713-227-0087 to schedule a free case evaluation.

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