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Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Lawyer – Brett Podolsky

Because sexual assault is a serious violent crime as well as a sex crime, the Texas District Attorney takes these cases very seriously. Persons who are convicted of sexual assault will face much stiffer penalties than other sorts of crimes. Additionally, the negative stigma associated with being convicted of sexual assault can be very high and may result in a loss of personal and business relationships. An experienced sexual assault defense attorney like Brett Podolsky can help a person to understand the workings of the criminal justice system and will try to minimize the consequences of being charged with a sexual assault crime.

Sexual crime convictions can effect your personal, professional, financial, and emotion lives. The Law Office of Brett A. Podolsky will fight tirelessly to protect your from prison and massive fines. Contact his office today to discuss your case.

Definition of Sexual Assault

The basic definition of sexual assault is contact of a sexual nature with a person who has not consented. The law considers certain classes of people like children legally unable to consent. The following list contains crimes that fall into the category of sexual assault:

Someone accused of any of these crimes needs to immediately contact the Law Office of Brett A. Podolsky. In these types of cases, many victims do not tell the truth and it takes an experienced attorney to counter these accusations. Further, the District Attorney may try to take advantage of the shame involved in being accused of these crimes and easily coerce a defendant into pleading guilty.

Penalties for Sexual Assault

Texas considers any type of sexual assault a felony. Depending on the severity of the assault, offenders may face a prison sentence of two years to life imprisonment. If a person receives a shorter prison sentence, he may also receive any of the following in addition to prison time:

In addition to these penalties, persons will likely face mandatory sex offender registration. Sex offender registration lists persons who have been convicted of sexual crimes in a public database. This registration will impact employment opportunities, the ability to further one’s education and limit the places that one can live. Many people who receive a conviction for sexual assault will also often be shunned by family and friends.

How Can Brett Podolsky Help?

Brett Podolsky is a¬†sexual assault attorney¬†with over 15 years of criminal defense experience. Because he has the unique experience of originally working for the District Attorney’s Office, Brett Podolsky knows how prosecutors think and will be able to use that knowledge to his client’s advantage. By accurately evaluating his client’s case, he will be able to put together the a defense that will achieve the best possible outcome.

Contact Brett Podolsky today at 713-227-0087 for a free consultation.

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