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Sexual Assault of a Child

Sexual Assault Involving a Child

Few crimes can cause as much intense public outrage as a charge of sexual assault involving a child. In many communities, anyone that is the target of such a sex crime is often considered to be “guilty until proven innocent” and immediately becomes a social outcast if not the target of open hostility and/or threats of violence. It is for these reasons alone that anyone charged with sexual assault or abuse of a child should obtain the services of a qualified criminal defense lawyer as soon as they become aware that they might be under suspicion for having committed such crimes. If found guilty of these charges, the penalties for sex crimes are devastating.

Have you been charged with sexual assault of a child in Harris County? The Law Office of Brett A. Podolsky is ready to help and will aggressively fight to defend you in the court of law. Contact attorney Brett Podolsky today to discuss your case and start turning your life around.

What is Sexual Assault of a Child?

Texas law makes it very easy to charge someone with sexual assault of a child, even if there is no direct physical contact between the accused and the alleged victim. In Texas, sexual assault of a child is defined as any act that could affect a child’s:

Given such a broad definition, it is not surprising that sexual assault charges are frequently brought whenever there is any question of sexual motivation behind any alleged act that involves a child. However, this broad definition has led to a specific requirement regarding proof of such allegations.

Where to turn?

The mere fact that you have been charged with sexual assault involving a child can immediately expose you to the risks of:

To lessen these threats to your constitutionally-protected rights as a citizen, you should contact a sexual assault on a child lawyer immediately after your arrest or as soon as you become aware that you may be under investigation for sexual assault involving child.

Contact Brett A. Podolsky

Criminal defense lawyer Brett Podolsky has a well-deserved reputation of providing an aggressive and thorough defense for his clients that have been accused of sexual assault involving a child. Brett will combine his experience as a former assistant state prosecutor with his 15 years of private practice in the field of criminal law to thoroughly investigate the facts in your case in order to provide you with the best possible legal representation at every step of the legal process.

To begin your defense against sexual assault involving a child charges, you should first contact Houston criminal defense attorney Brett Podolsky at 713-227-0087.

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