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Money Laundering Charges

Houston Money Laundering Charges Lawyer – Brett A. Podolsky

When funds have been illegally obtained, they can be difficult to use unless they have been “cleaned up.” Money laundering, a white-collar crime like fraud, is the process of converting illegal money into currency that appears to be legitimate. This is done by introducing the money into the financial system and then moving or transferring it between accounts as needed. In order to be charged with money laundering, an individual must:

Luckily, an affordable criminal defense attorney will be able to defend you.

Money laundering charges have the potential to destroy your personal and professional life. Only the help of a skilled attorney will allow you to fight these charges. Contact Houston lawyer Brett Podolsky today for aggressive criminal defense representation.

Possible Currency Laundering Penalties

The punishment for this crime depends upon the dollar amount of the money that has been laundered. According to the Texas Penal Code, a currency laundering conviction may be penalized with:

These charges are often filed in conjunction with drug offenses such as trafficking or smuggling, since these crimes tend to go hand in hand. As such, many people who are arrested for laundering money face significant incarceration time and hefty fines stemming from the combined charges.

Possible Laundering Money Defenses

When large sums of money have been seized by government officials, a white-collar crimes lawyer will review the circumstances surrounding this seizure in order to make sure a client’s rights were not violated in doing so. Police officers do not always follow the law when executing a search warrant, and any evidence that was obtained illegally cannot be used in a court of law. Money laundering attorneys also look for evidence that would indicate an individual did not knowingly take part in illicit laundering activities in order to raise reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors.

Oftentimes, money laundering charges are brought about whenever officials obtain evidence from a confidential informant. This information is often unreliable; in fact, snitches sometimes attempt to blame others for their own misdeeds in order to shift responsibility away from themselves. As such, defense attorneys will carefully investigate these informants’ claims in order to reveal any ulterior motives that are present.

Reach Out to a Money Laundering Charges Lawyer in Houston, TX

Brett A. Podolsky has worked as both a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. He knows the ins and outs of the Texas legal system very well. In the past, he has successfully defended clients against money laundering allegations, so he does not shy away from courtroom trials. When it’s time to assert your innocence, you need an aggressive attorney like Brett A. Podolsky by your side.

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