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Houston Fraud Lawyer – Brett Podolsky

Fraud laws in the state of Texas cover a broad area of criminal activity, but all methods of committing fraud involve the receiving of property, services or money by way of deception. Some common examples of fraud include:

Defining Fraud in Texas

Texas residents who are simply in possession of identifying information that belongs to three or more other people may be accused of intending to commit fraud. Individuals who have been charged with participating in fraudulent activity should immediately hire an experienced lawyer who is committed to protecting innocents’ rights. People who live in the Greater Houston Area should contact a fraud defense attorney. For years, clients have trusted their reputations and lives with Mr. Brett Podolsky.

Texas Fraud Penalties

Those who have been charged with committing fraud should be knowledgeable of the possible punishments they face. The following are penalties for each type of fraud in Texas:

Check forgery and credit card fraud

Credit fraud

Identity theft

Contact Brett Podolsky

Do not delay. If you have recently been accused of committing any type of fraud, let the Law Office of Brett Podolsky review your legal case by contacting 713-227-0087. Mr. Podolsky is an experienced and qualified Houston criminal defense lawyer who aggressively seeks justice for his clients.

More about fraud charges:

Check Fraud
Health Care Fraud
Identity Theft
Insurance Fraud
Medical Fraud
Wire Fraud

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