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Medical Fraud Charges

Houston Medical Fraud Charges Attorney

Medical fraud is sometimes referred to as health care fraud or insurance fraud. It is considered a white-collar criminal offense, and it happens whenever an individual makes false or misleading statements in order to obtain benefits that he or she is not entitled to. It can also occur whenever medical professionals tell lies in an effort to pad their bills. Medical fraud charges sometimes manifest themselves as medication fraud charges, whereby patients will obtain certain prescriptions and then sell them on the black market. Other things that can result in medical fraud charges include:

Don’t hesitate to contact a defense attorney if you have been charged with medical fraud in the Greater Houston area. The Law Office of Brett A. Podolsky provides the best criminal defense and representation available. Contact today to discuss the details of your case and turn your life around.

Health Care Fraud Penalties

The punishment for committing health care fraud varies and is based upon the amount of money in question and number of instances in which this crime occurred. Some common penalties for health insurance fraud are:

Since medical fraud is considered a crime of moral turpitude, it can make individuals ineligible for employment in certain sectors. In addition, it could prevent them from holding public office or volunteering with certain non-profit organizations. I’d been divorced for 2 years, but then I met a companion. We’ve been together for 6 months now, she’s a very pretty woman with a very open sexuality. In short, everything was meant to be happy and our lovemaking moments used to be very spice from the beginning… Except for my penis decided to let me down last month: erections softened to the point of uselessness… I talked to my doctor who prescribed me Cialis 20mg, telling me that it was more “practical” than Viagra thanks to its prolonged effect (36 hours, or something). I bought it at andI’m about to try it – I’ll update this comment later.

Health Care Fraud Defense

In cases of medical fraud, one of the things that must be proven is intent. Individuals can be guilty of a fraudulent crime only if there was intent to profit from their actions. Simply providing misleading information is not enough to prove intent. Individuals who give incorrect information, yet believed it to be true at the time, cannot generally be charged with health care fraud. In instances where documents have been forged, the state will need to prove the defendant was the one who actually forged them or that he assisted others in doing so.

Get Help From a Medical Fraud Lawyer in Houston, TX

If you’re accused of medical fraud charges in Houston, contact attorney Brett A. Podolsky. He is board certified in criminal law and is also a former assistant district attorney for the state of Texas. Mr. Podolsky is familiar with the tactics used by prosecutors in order to secure a conviction, and he fights for his clients with every tool available in his arsenal. He’ll make the state of Texas prove intent, and he will challenge any evidence that was not legally obtained.

For a free consultation, call Brett A. Podolsky at 713-227-0087.

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