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Houston Forgery Attorney – Brett A. Podolsky

Forgery involves altering or falsely drafting any type of document. Document is a very broad category, and it can involve items such as coins and trademarks. Here are a few types of forgery crimes:

The Punishments for Forgery

Not all cases of forgery are treated the same. Some are punished more severely because they have a worse impact on victims’ lives. A judge considers several factors when deciding on the appropriate punishment for a forgery crime:

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The penalties for forgery can vary greatly. In some cases, forgery is punished with only a small fine, while other instances may result in up to 20 years in confinement. Those who are accused of committing forgery should take these allegations very seriously.

How Forgery Cases are Fought

A skilled criminal defense attorney who is hired to defend against forgery accusations must thoroughly examine each and every piece of evidence. He may be able to find an honest mistake in record-keeping that could explain the incident. A forgery lawyer will also interrogate witnesses to make sure that people who testify on behalf of the state do not have any underlying motives for doing so.

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If you have been arrested under forgery charges, choosing the right lawyer to defend you is highly essential. You need someone who will go the extra mile to provide you with the best possible defense. That someone should be tough enough to stand up for your rights and demand that the state prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Brett Podolsky is the right choice because he is a board-certified Texas criminal lawyer. He has won numerous acquittals over the years, and he will do his best to secure a successful outcome in your forgery case.

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