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Evading Arrest Charges

Houston Evading Arrest Charges Lawyer

Purposely avoiding a law enforcement official by fleeing from the scene of a crime or altering official documents is a bad idea. Evading arrest charges in Texas are taken very seriously. What’s more, adding another criminal charge to the original crime, whether it’s a violent crime or theft, only increases the arsenal of penalties available to the prosecution. Arrest evasion can definitely create a legal predicament for a criminal defendant, but a qualified Houston criminal lawyer can help.

Being charged with evasion of arrest will make your legal case difficult. That is why it’s important to hire a tough lawyer who can provide aggressive representation. Attorney Brett A. Podolsky is here to help.

Charges for Evading Arrest in Texas

Fleeing to avoid an approaching police officer is regarded as evading arrest in the state of Texas. Even if the officer was merely attempting to enforce a search warrant, avoiding the enforcement of a legal warrant is a crime. That is because recognizing the authority of a law enforcement official is the duty of every Texas resident. Any of the following actions on the part of a criminal suspect could lead to an evading arrest charge:

Avoiding Arrest Penalties

The available punishment for an evading arrest conviction will depend on a defendant’s previous criminal record. The penalties can also be aggravated by the number and severity of other pending criminal charges. The expertise of a Houston area evading arrest attorney is the key to avoiding the following potential punishments:

An arrest evasion charge can easily result in a prison or jail sentence in the state of Texas. There is also a maximum fine of $4,000 for a misdemeanor conviction and $10,000 for a felony conviction. These potential evading arrest penalties are in addition to the penalties associated with other pending criminal charges.

Defending Charges for Evading Arrest

Don’t go it alone! A skillful evading arrest lawyer knows how to aggressively fight evading arrest charges. It’s important to understand that the prosecution must prove every element of a criminal case. The role of a qualified defense attorney is to ensure that law enforcement officials honored a criminal defendant’s legal rights during the criminal investigation and arrest. It may also be possible to challenge the prosecution’s evidence in court.

Seek Advice From an Evading Arrest Attorney in Houston, TX

An evading arrest defendant needs a lawyer with previous experience defending clients against evading charges. If a vehicle was used during the evasion incident, the defendant could even lose their driving privileges.

Schedule a free case evaluation with Brett Podolsky, Houston area criminal attorney, by calling 713-227-0087.

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