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Embezzlement Attorney – Brett A. Podolsky

Being charged with embezzlement is a serious matter that requires a serious reaction. A conviction for this kind of white-collar crime may result in years in prison, exorbitant fines and the loss of a solid professional reputation. Defendants who are being accused of this crime should seek legal advice and representation from an experienced embezzlement lawyer like Brett A. Podolsky.

Definition of Embezzlement

The Texas Penal Code defines embezzlement in Chapter 31. It usually amounts to some type of theft that is caused by the hands of an employee. Embezzlement charges may result if an employee:

Embezzlement is a criminal accusation that a disgruntled employer may want the prosecutor to impose when he learns that a trusted worker has violated his confidence by stealing from the company. If a person is charged with embezzlement, he may face very serious consequences.

Possible Punishments for Embezzlement

The potential penalties for embezzlement vary and are based on the value of the goods, services or funds involved. Some potential punishments are:

Potential Defenses for Embezzlement

A skilled criminal attorney such as Brett A. Podolsky will fight for a suspect’s rights and provide him with the best possible defense. The accused might have affirmative defenses against embezzlement charges, such as making an unintentional mistake in recordkeeping, attempting to return the taken property or lacking the intent to steal from an employer.

Houston Embezzlement Defense Attorney

Brett A. Podolsky has provided valuable legal assistance to criminal defendants in Houston for years. He previously worked as a prosecutor for the state of Texas and will use this experience to help him anticipate the likely strategies that a prosecutor will use against his clients. He is a board certified attorney and is part of an elite group of Texas attorneys who have this particular distinction.

If you are in need of a Houston embezzlement attorney, talk to Brett A. Podolsky today at 713-227-0087.

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