improper student-teacher relationship

Warning Signs of Inappropriate Student-Teacher Relationships

October 11, 2017

We read about the warning signs of inappropriate student-teacher relationships almost each day. We hear about improper student-teacher relationships all too often. News concerning allegations of inappropriate relationships between teachers and their students is on the rise in Texas.

Some say it’s an epidemic:

  • Texas currently ranked number one in the nation involving the number of cases filed per year alleging sexual misconduct or otherwise inappropriate relationships between educators and students.
  • Articles alert parents and students about the warning signs of inappropriate contact or sexual misconduct of teachers and other educators.
  • Lawmakers, prosecutors, parents, and students are sensitized to the possibility of inappropriate educator-student relationships.

Are more teachers simply throwing caution to the wind concerning inappropriate relationships with students, or has the media sensitized all of us to this horrifying possibility?

How many professionals have been falsely accused of an inappropriate relationship with a student as a result?