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How Public Lewdness Arrests Affect Your Career

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Public lewdness is a broad term that covers a variety of prohibited behaviors. These prohibited behaviors include sexual activity, inappropriate touching or indecent exposure. Any type of public sexual display that is deemed inappropriate may be considered public lewdness.

A public lewdness conviction may have consequences beyond the immediate legal penalties. A criminal record showing a public lewdness charge may lead people to make assumptions about the character of the defendant. How Public Lewdness Arrests Affect Your Career

Some people may worry that this kind of judgment could cause them to lose their job or affect their ability to be hired. Although a public lewdness conviction carries no specific legal penalties related to a defendant’s job, job-related consequences are possible.

Can I Be Fired for Being Arrested?

There is no simple answer to this question. It is impossible to know for certain how employers will react if they learn that one of their employees was arrested. Their response will probably be determined by the nature of the job and the type of arrest.

For some people, there may be no specific requirement for employees to report a public lewdness arrest to their employers. An arrest is not the same as a conviction. If an employee does not tell their employer that they were arrested for public lewdness and is never convicted, there may be no reason for their employer to ever learn about the situation.

Mandatory Arrest Reporting

Certain jobs have different requirements for reporting arrests. Government employees and public employees may be required to report any arrests immediately. A disciplinary review of the situation can be ordered and job termination is a possibility.

Teachers and religious officials may also be required or expected to report any arrests. Although a church or a school may not explicitly state their policy on arrests and job termination, they may take such charges seriously. Because these two institutions are concerned with upholding certain ethical standards, a public lewdness arrest may be grounds for dismissal.

A public lewdness conviction may also impair a person’s ability to find work in the future. For example, a teacher convicted on a public lewdness charge may be required to report the incident on future job applications. This could cause employers to reject the application.

Things to Consider for Indecent Exposure

It’s impossible to know how employers will react to a public lewdness arrest but job termination is one possible outcome. Hiring a defense lawyer could result in the charges being reduced or dropped. This might mean that the defendant can keep his or her job.

A defense attorney may also be able to help the defendant expunge or seal his or her record. This could keep future employers from ever learning about the incident.

If you have been arrested for public lewdness, then the most important thing you can do is hire an experienced sex lawyer to create an effective defense strategy. If you are actually convicted, then losing your job may be the last of your worries. Let Brett A. Podolsky manage your case by calling 713.227.0087.

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