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Marijuana Charges

Marijuana Attorney – Brett A. Podolsky

Throughout the United States, marijuana is the most commonly used illegal substance. Many people mistakenly believe that marijuana charges are not taken seriously by the District Attorney because of the amount of people who use the drug. However, the District Attorney will aggressively prosecute marijuana charges, especially those charges dealing with manufacturing, distribution and trafficking.

Although some states allow the possession of marijuana for certain purposes, Texas does not recognize an exception for the medical usage of marijuana. Therefore, regardless of the reason for possessing marijuana, Texas considers this possession to be a crime. Texas also does not recognize the legitimacy of having a medical marijuana prescription from any other state. This means that Texas will prosecute the possessor of marijuana for a crime even if the person has a valid prescription.

While several states now allow for the recreational use of marijuana, Texas is not one of them. Possessing or distributing marijuana is against the law and can result in serious penalties. Contact criminal defense attorney Brett Podolsky today and get the legal representation you need.

Types of Marijuana Charges

Marijuana may be at the center of several drug related charges. The most common types of marijuana charges are as follows:

Many different defenses exist for these crimes. An experienced marijuana charge attorney like Brett Podolsky will be able to effectively frame a defense and force the District Attorney to completely prove the case. People who have been convicted of marijuana related offenses may lose their jobs, educational opportunities and have the stigma of having been convicted of a drug offense. It is extremely important to contact Brett A. Podolsky immediately for him to get started on your drug charge defense.

Penalties for Marijuana Crimes

Marijuana charges may range from misdemeanors to felonies. The actual penalty imposed for marijuana will depend on the specific type of crime committed and the actual weight of the marijuana recovered. Penalties may include:

For someone who has been charged with a very small amount of marijuana and has no criminal history, it may be possible for the judge to sentence a defendant to only probation. However, this situation is very case specific and should be thoroughly discussed with a criminal defense attorney such as Brett A. Podolsky. An experienced attorney will be able to explain the possible outcomes for a case.

How Can Brett A. Podolsky Help?

The Law Office of Brett A. Podolsky is an experienced and trusted law firm which can help people who have been accused of marijuana related crimes. Attorney Podolsky has handled numerous cases involving marijuana and is extremely knowledgeable in this area. He can effectively evaluate a person’s case and craft a defense to achieve the best possible outcome for that case.

Contact Brett A. Podolsky at 713-227-0087 to schedule a free consultation.

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