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Choosing the right Houston criminal defense attorney to represent you is one of the most important decisions you may ever make.

Houston criminal defense lawyer Brett A. Podolsky

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Houston Criminal Lawyer – Brett Podolsky

A criminal conviction can change your life forever. If you have been arrested and accused of committing a crime, your life and your freedom are at stake. Choosing the right Houston criminal defense attorney to represent you is one of the most important decisions you may ever make. Criminal defense lawyer Brett A. Podolsky has built a reputation of vigorously and aggressively defending those accused of violating state or federal criminal laws.

Board Certified in Criminal Law

Brett Podolsky is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Only 7,000 out of 70,000 attorneys licensed to practice in Texas have earned this designation.


This ensures that Brett Podolsky has the highest commitment to excellence so you can feel confident that you have the best lawyer to handle your type of case.


You can read more about what an attorney must do to become board certified from the TBLS website.
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The Board Certification process is rigorous and thorough with stringent, ongoing requirements after initial certification. In brief, an applicant must:
  • Have been in practice a minimum of five years with three years of substantial involvement in an area of law
  • Complete TBLS-approved Continuing Legal Education course requirements
  • Furnish at least 10 qualified, vetted references
  • Provide extensive, relevant experience documentation
  • Pass a comprehensive, daylong, specialty area examination.

Discuss Your Case with Brett Podolsky

Giving you honest, straightforward answers to your questions, keeping you informed of developments in your case and being available when you need to talk to him is how Brett A. Podolsky eases his clients’ concerns.

Are you or someone you know facing criminal charges? Contact attorney Brett Podolsky today for aggressive legal defense.

Houston criminal defense lawyer Brett A. Podolsky is a former prosecutor for the State of Texas. He uses his years of criminal trial experience and knowledge of the criminal laws to advise and defend people accused of criminal conduct including, but not limited to:

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Aggressive Houston Criminal Defense

As soon as he is hired to defend you, Houston defense attorney Brett A. Podolsky begins evaluating the evidence to develop an aggressive defense strategy that will exploit any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. He uses his extensive trial experience and the knowledge he gained as a prosecutor to challenge the introduction of evidence, including statements you may have made to law enforcement agents.

At the Law Office of Brett A. Podolsky the time and effort we spend investigating the facts, researching the law and developing your defense strategy will show you that you chose the right criminal defense lawyer in Houston to defend your rights and fight for your freedom.

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Are you or someone you know facing criminal charges? Contact attorney Brett Podolsky today for aggressive legal defense.

Houston criminal defense lawyer Brett A. Podolsky is a former prosecutor for the State of Texas. He uses his years of criminal trial experience and knowledge of the criminal laws to advise and defend people.

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Client Testimonials

My nephew was wrongfully charged with murder, and was facing 45 years to life. After contacting many lawyers, we hired Attorney Brett Podolsky. He was confident that he could help us, and was honest and up front from the start. After working the on the case for three years, the charges were DISMISSED. During the entire process, Attorney Podolsky kept us updated on the case details, encouraged us to trust him, but also remain patient. He dedicated so much time to investigate the case details and evidence presented.he fought extremely hard, and never accepted what the prosecutors were offering. If you are ever in need of a trustworthy lawyer that can get the job done, he’s your guy. I highly recommend Attorney Podolsky and his team.

Lati O

Where to start….. My partner was wrongly accused of two serious felony crimes involving children. Not even sure how the case made it through the grand jury process. After going through three other attorneys and wasting thousands of dollars we knew that we had to find an attorney that was a fighter and not afraid of trial. After interviewing Brett I knew he was just that. We hired Brett in December 2023. He pushed for a speedy trial and got it. The case was set for trial in March 2024. One week before trial Brett met with the DA and was the “tiger” he promised. After meeting with the DA they DISMISSED THE CASE THE NEXT DAY. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY THAT IS HIGHLY RESPECTED BY THE COURT AND THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY’S OFFICE GO MEET WITH BRETT AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. He will be honest and straightforward. Don’t waste your money on anyone else like we did. CALL BRETT.

Neal Hardin

Brett proved to be an exceptional lawyer, demonstrating unwavering dedication to the case. His confidence and proactive approach were instrumental in securing victory. Mr. Podolsky and his team were impeccably prepared, fully equipped, and poised for battle on behalf of their client. I observed Brett tirelessly fighting to ensure his client received the justice and freedom they rightfully deserved.

Toluwani Falade

Attorney Brett Podolsky is really one of a kind. He is a thoroughbred professional. He was defense counsel in a serious criminal case that involved a close relative of mine. He gave it his all – he prepared well, and was detailed in his arguments displaying a deep knowledge and understanding of the law. He was passionate, focused, and completely committed. Needless to say, the case was decided in our favor.
I have absolutely no hesitation in referring him to whoever may need top-class legal representation.

Monty Idiong

Aggressive, strategic, dedicated these are a few words that I’d use to describe Brett Podolsky and his team. In my time of need I made the right choice. For six years he battled the prosecution on erroneous charges filed against me. Brett turned up ethics violations against the state; wherein the lead prosecutor was actually removed from the trial, he discovered intentional police negligence to benefit the state. I mean this man found it all, motive and then some. After six years mid-trail charges dismissed…six years!! You need a strong defense; you need Brett Podolsky.

Jason Winsby

Where to start…
Back in late 2021 found myself being accused of Sexual Assault after a night out with some people, not only was this a false claim but it took a toll on me mentally and financially because of it, thankfully I found the right man for the job! Brett kept it 100% throughout these past couple of years and was always doing his best to make sure to get all the facts straight and didn’t back down when it came to the terrible offers that were being made by the DA. On January 24th, 2024 just 2 weeks before my Jury trial he got my case dismissed and for the first time in a long time a burden had been lifted off my shoulders! If you need someone to fight for you, get Brett!

Eddie J


My baby passed away under tragic circumstances. The state accused me of having something to do with the death of my baby which I didn’t. I hired Brett Podolsky because I had him before and knew he would fight for me to the end for the best outcome for me. It took months of stalling by the state but Mr Podolsky held firm on getting a dismissal and he delivered and then some. If you want a lawyer that will have your best interests at heart you will want to hire Mr. Podolsky because time after time he gets the job done and his clients go home happy.

Chadwynn Banks

Mr. Podolsky is a great lawyer and will deliver you great results in the end. He is also affordable. I would highly recommend him.

Kim Nava

My ex filed felony charges on me for stalking. This was all about child custody of our 2 years old son. I was about to loose custody rights over this nonsense case. I knew I had to find a good lawyer to fight these made up charges. I searched around and had appointments with several lawyers. I chose Mr. Podolsky as he impressed me the most with his knowledge, reputation and energy. We fought the case in court for over year. Finally today the DA threw up their hands and dropped all charges. We won! Mr. Podolsky saved me and my family!!

 Anthony Ramirez

I caught a case while on parole. I was innocent and tried to get my case dismissed with multiple lawyers but no one helped until I found Mr.Podolsky. he did everything in his power to help and ended up getting my case dismissed. I’m so grateful that I found him. I highly recommend him. He is a great lawyer and ensures great results, he will stick by your side through thick and thin and will make sure justice will be served. I thank him for delivering me back to my pregnant wife, and because of him I’m going to be able to see my child be born if you ever need a lawyer that will get the job done, PODOLSKY IS YOUR GUY

Johnny Guerra

Brett Podolsky is by far one of the best and understanding lawyers out there. When my husband was wrongfully accused of being In possession of drugs after a house raid, Brett did everything in his power to get all the info and all the details to get the best results. They kept offering time and more time and he just kept rejecting because it’s not what he wanted for his client. After 2 years of fighting this case, on the day of the jury trial he was able to get the whole case completely dropped! He will work with you if you work with him. He will now forever be someone I recommend. Thanks Brett for all your hard work and dedication to keep our loved ones out here in the free world.

Yviee Barboza

Awesome attorney!

I’ve known this man for years, had trouble a few times (some could have been serious), and he always had my back. I would highly recommend Brett for anyone in-need of a criminal defense attorney!

Robert Bernshausen

I was accused by my ex-wife of abusing my daughter. At the time we were constantly fighting about custody and visitation of my daughter. I was threatening to take her to court because she was not letting me see my daughter and not following the custody agreement the judge ordered during the divorce. Next thing I know my ex told the police that my daughter said I touched her in appropriately . It was a total lie. The State filed charges based on my ex’s lie. I thought my world was ending and did not know what to do about it. My sister helped me find a lawyer and after several meetings we chose Attorney Brett Podolsky. Brett immediately helped me even though my life completely changed from where I stood before then. Brett stood by and was always on top of everything, the DA and the prosecutor kept offering deals to send me to prison Brett always believed in me and never backed away. He knew from the beginning it was a false charge. This morning we were set to start our Jury Trial and Brett told me he got the DA to drop all charges!! Case dismissed and after over 3 years I finally have my life back. He did a great job for me. I put my life in his hands and he had my back the whole time. He is the best!!

Cesar Nava

I saw Mr. Podolsky’s reviews online and because of the good reviews I set a meeting. I was charged with a serious felony and was so scared. I had never been in trouble before in my life. I talked with a lot of lawyers and most just cared about how much I could pay. He was the only lawyer that made me feel confident in winning my case and I wasn’t wrong. After he looked at all the evidence and the body camera videos, he told me his plan. He showed me several problems with my arrest and the search of my property that came after. After over a year of fighting, he just told me my case was dismissed and I’m still in disbelief. He is a wonderful lawyer and I can’t thank him enough. If you want the best chance to win, Mr. Podolsky is they man you need to hire.

Amy F

I was indicted in a serious felony sting operation. I was facing prison time for several years. I hired Mr. Podolsky after meeting with several lawyers. He impressed me with his knowledge and professionalism. He immediately got to work fighting my case and exposed several serious weaknesses in the Government’s evidence. After fighting with the prosecutors for over a year, they finally dismissed all charges against me. I am a free man thanks to the work of Brett Podolsky. I recommend him without reservation.

George Randalle

Brett is by far the best man for the job, Brett is very reliable gets you great results and makes it very convenient and a comfortable processs for you the da kept picking up and dismissing my case and he fought by my side the whole way Brett is great to work with he explains everything in detail if you need a attorney he would be my top recommendation his knowledge of law exceeded my expectations


I hired Attorney Podolsky after my wife accused me of Felony Assault. I was innocent and very scared of what the Government would try to do to me. I met with many lawyers. I finally settled on Brett Podolsky. He was not the cheapest but it was totally worth it. He fought the case for two years. The DA was insisting I be convicted and do time. Mr. Podolsky would not budge. He did his investigation and pointed out many problems with the case and how the law applied to me. Brett and his team did a great job. He told me from the beginning that I needed to be patient and that this case would take what it takes to get the job done right. “The only thing they do fast is plea you guilty” he would say. After two years and coming right up to trial, he got the case dismissed!! I cannot thank Brett enough for his help and hard work. I finally have my life back! Hiring Brett Podolsky was best decision I made.

Pablo De paz

This law office helped me get through a rough time I was having after being accused off a felony assault. They believed my side of the story and fought my case without any problems. I was very happy when I realized that I had a great lawyer. Brett is awesome and has gave me a sense of pride by just having a great lawyer. I’ve been informed today my case was dropped and I’m grateful to even give this guy a review thanks a lot to Brett and the whole team over there.

Brian Blackwolf

Four years ago I found myself in criminal court case. It was the first time that anything like this has ever happened to me! I hired the wrong lawyer and then scouted to find a replacement. By the grace of god I found Brett and his firm. This man showed me what real lawyer is supposed do. They helped me understand my position, kept me updated and the professional manner that was even see in court! Every lawyer when seeing him would shake his hand, his reputation you could see showed me that he took extra care of his clients and was respected in his industry. His secretary Vivien was very fast to reply when I needed any questions answers. A lot of pressure was taken off my shoulders when I knew I was in good hands. Brett had a game plan and I could see my future. If your looking for a lawyer in a criminal case, look no further. Brett is your man! I am blessed to have found a lawyer , that not only is the best in his profession but also cares about his clients.

Dominick Soliz