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4 Crazy Texas Laws

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Weird and Crazy Laws in Texas

No matter where you live in the great state of Texas, there is a chance that you may have heard of some strange, silly or outright crazy laws at the city or state level. Some of these bizarre laws are well-known while others are a bit more obscure. Either way, people often find these kinds of laws humorous when they learn that they exist.

While some of these strange laws are rarely ever put into effect, they are still technically part of the legal system. This means that they could potentially be put into use in a modern legal case. Whether or not that ever happens is another matter but the results would certainly be interesting.

Weird State Laws

Some of the weirdest laws in Texas are those passed by the state government. These laws apply to all residents of Texas no matter where they live. Some of them deal with relatively minor subjects while others have a broader reach.

Crazy Law #1

“The Bluebonnet Song is the official State Flower Song of the state flower.”

Many people know that the bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas. This blue and white flower can be found in fields and on the sides of highways across the state. However, most people don’t know that, in 1933, the state government actually passed a law declaring that the bluebonnet should have its own official flower song. It’s not clear why state officials felt the need to give a flower its own song but it’s a great example of a weird Texas law.

Crazy Law #2

“The department shall develop and administer a program awarding matching grants to political subdivisions of this state for weather modification and control.”

This law might sound more like science fiction than actual fact but it is true that, in 2001, the 77th Texas State Legislature passed a law mentioning a weather modification and control system. The law states that funds should be given to groups who can develop weather control technology. Some people believe that this law represents a government conspiracy while others believe that is intended to be used for agriculture. It’s hard to say what the intent of this law is but it’s certainly strange.

Weird City Laws

In order to find out just how strange Texas laws can be, it’s necessary to look at the individual city level. While some state laws can be truly bizarre, city laws can be even stranger. This is because cities may have created laws in the past to deal with situations that were specific to an issue in their local area. Looking back at these laws can be outright comical in some cases.

Crazy Law #3

“Wire cutters cannot be carried in your pocket in Austin.”

Texas residents know that the capital city of Austin has a reputation for being a bit weird. In fact, many Austin residents are proud of their reputation for being a little strange. However, this law sounds so bizarre that it seems out of place even in such an odd city.

In reality, this law dates back to the days when cattle ranching was one of the most important industries in the state. Without cattle ranching, many of the largest cities in Texas might not exist. Cattle rustlers would often take advantage of this situation by cutting open the wire fences on ranches so that they could steal the cattle and make a profit. This was such a big problem that Austin decided to ban the carrying of wire cutters outright. It’s unlikely that this law would still be enforced today but Texas still takes a strong stance against livestock crimes.

Crazy Law #4

“No person shall exhibit or expose himself naked, or disguised…or appear in the streets or public places in any indecent or lewd dress, or relieve the calls of nature in any place exposed to the public sight.”

This El Paso law seems to try to ban several different kinds of behavior. It is not uncommon for cities or states to pass laws prohibiting public nudity, lewd behavior or public urination but this law tries to go for it all. This law is especially weird because there might have been some sort of strange incident that caused it to be passed in the first place. The law doesn’t define what “lewd dress” or a “disguise” might mean but it certainly seems that El Paso had serious problems with public indecency at one point.

Of course, these laws are strange and some of them might be so outdated that they are unlikely to be enforced. However, when someone is facing criminal charges for breaking the law, it’s important to consult an attorney.

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