Statute of Limitations on Property Crimes in Texas

The Statute of Limitations on Property Crimes in Texas

September 13, 2017

A property crime involves the violation of an individual’s right to his or her possessions. As defined by the Texas Penal Code, many kinds of property crimes exist, including identity theft, robbery, bank robbery, theft, armed robbery, grand theft auto, and burglary.

This post addresses theft or property crimes in the state of Texas, punishments, and the statute of limitations (SOL) for these crimes. Generally speaking, failure to comply with deadlines established by the Texas SOL for a lawsuit concerning destroyed or damaged property can result in the owner’s failure to obtain compensation from and/or conviction of the at-fault individual or individuals.

If you or someone close to you is currently facing a property crime charge in Texas, or you’re concerned about the statute of limitations for the alleged crime, you need the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect your legal rights. Failure to do so could have serious consequences.