January 14, 2022

Four years ago I found myself in criminal court case. It was the first time that anything like this has ever happened to me! I hired the wrong lawyer and then scouted to find a replacement. By the grace of god I found Brett and his firm. This man showed me what real lawyer is supposed do. They helped me understand my position, kept me updated and the professional manner that was even see in court! Every lawyer when seeing him would shake his hand, his reputation you could see showed me that he took extra care of his clients and was respected in his industry. His secretary Vivien was very fast to reply when I needed any questions answers. A lot of pressure was taken off my shoulders when I knew I was in good hands. Brett had a game plan and I could see my future. If your looking for a lawyer in a criminal case, look no further. Brett is your man! I am blessed to have found a lawyer , that not only is the best in his profession but also cares about his clients.

Dominick Soliz