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What are Your Rights in a Child Abuse Case?

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Child abuse cases are very complex, and moms and dads may not know what their rights are in such situations. A mom or dad may not understand how to fully cooperate with Child Protective Services while also fighting to keep their children. With knowledge about their rights, parents can work towards the best resolution for themselves and their children.

Parental Rights

Even though an abuse case can be devastating, parents still retain certain privileges that they can use as they work through the case. As with any other legal case, these rights ensure that all parties get an equal chance to tell their side of the story and make their case before a judge.

  • The ability to an attorney: A lawyer who is experienced with CPS cases is one of the most knowledgeable legal experts. The law guarantees parents the opportunity to have an attorney, and they should exercise this privilege, especially if they were falsely accused of abuse.
  • CPS’ lawyers know how to ensure cooperation with CPS workers while also making sure that their clients’ rights are not ignored. As soon as a claim of has been filed, a kid’s guardian should find the most experienced legal representative available.
  • Access to information: In the event that a kid is taken away as part of an ongoing children mistreatment case, the minor’s guardians have the right to know where the minor is and who is looking after them. The only exception to this rule is in extreme cases, but in most situations, the accused mom or dad has access to these important details. It is perfectly normal for youngsters’ caretakers to be worried, confused and frightened. Knowing that their sons or daughters are safe and sound can be a great comfort.

Cooperating With CPS Officials is Important

In children neglect cases, it is vital to cooperate with the authorities. Failing to do so can lead to a charge of “failure to cooperate,” which can have devastating effects on the outcome of the investigation. A child abuse defense lawyer can keep the lines of communication open and ensure that rules are followed.

To hear more about your permissions in an investigation, consult with Brett A. Podolsky at 713-227-0087.

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