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Sex Offender Registration: What is Required of Convicted Criminals?

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Sex offender registration is one of the primary means by which those convicted of criminal sex acts are monitored and punished. The goal of sex offender registration is to keep a close watch on every person on the registration list so that they may be prevented from committing future offenses.

By keeping track of the home address, phone number, place of employment and other personal information of a sex offender, government authorities maintain a strict set of penalties and rules designed to keep sex offenders from re-victimizing anyone. Sex offender registration also places a psychological hold on sex offenders that makes them aware that the government is closely monitoring them.

To better understand the nature of sex offender registration, it is important to learn a few key facts.

How are Sex Offenders Registered?

According to the United States Sentencing Commission (USSC), all convicted sex offenders must register with the sex offender registry after sentencing. If a convicted sex offender is being released from jail or prison, they must register before they are released from incarceration. Sex offenders who are not incarcerated must register within three business days from the time that they are sentenced in court.

Also, sex offenders are required to register in the jurisdiction where they were sentenced as well as the jurisdiction where they live if the two are in different locations.

Requirements of Sex Offender Registration

Convicted sex offenders who are placed on registration are required to perform certain actions to comply with sentencing guidelines. In general, these actions are done to make sure all of the information on a particular offender’s file is kept current.

For example, if a sex offender changes his or her name, address, place of employment or student status, that offender must appear in court in the jurisdiction where they currently reside to notify the court of the changes. Also, all other jurisdictions where they are currently registered must be notified of the changes.

How Long Must They be Registered?

According to the Department of Justice, Tier I sex offenders must face a minimum sentence of 15 years of registration, Tier II offenders get 25 years minimum and Tier III offenders face lifetime registration.

In some cases, certain offenders may be eligible for early release from sex offender registration if their initial crime was less serious and if they maintain a perfectly clean criminal record for a certain amount of time, usually 10 years.

Failing to Register as a Sex Offender

The Justice Department imposes a sentence of up to 10 years in prison for failure to register, failure to update or failure to notify.

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