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Indecency with a Child: If Caught, You Are in Big Trouble!

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Indecency with a child can take on a number of forms ranging from exposing oneself to sexual assault. It can also involve acts such as promoting prostitution or engaging in child pornography. According to the Texas Penal Code, you could also be charged with continuous sexual abuse of a young child or children if you commit two or more acts within a 30-day period, even if the acts were perpetrated against more than one victim.

Felony Offense

Regardless of the circumstances, it is a felony offense that brings about serious consequences. If you are charged with indecency with a child, you face significant jail time and monetary fines, in addition to being labeled as a sex offender. The severity of punishment you receive can be based upon a number of factors to include:

  • Age of the victim(s)
  • Number of offenses
  • Use of a professional position to gain trust (i.e., school coach, physician, minister)
  • Whether force or intimidation was used
  • Prior sex offenses

In addition, judges tend to sentence individuals more harshly whenever indecency with a child involves actual physical contact rather than simply exposure. The degree of physical contact can also play a role, as those who are accused of fondling may receive lighter sentences than those who allegedly penetrate their victims.

Secondary Consequences

As a result of indecency with a child charges, you will likely be required to register as a sex offender. You could also face a number of secondary consequences, which can include:

  • Inability to vote or hold public office
  • Restrictions on firearm ownership
  • Loss of professional license (or inability to hold certain ones)
  • Denial of public assistance
  • Inability to qualify for financial aid and/or student loans
  • Prohibition against performing certain volunteer activities

As a registered sex offender, there can also be restrictions on where you live and work. Texas law prohibits sex offenders from living within a certain distance from “safe zones”, which are areas where children are typically present. These places include schools, public parks, and day care centers, among others.

Help with Children Sex Charges

If you are accused of indecency with a child, you should take these allegations very seriously, as they have the potential to affect you for the rest of your life. You have the right to refuse making a statement until you speak with an attorney. Exercising this right is often the best way to avoid a conviction that could have a devastating impact on you for years to come. Call Brett A. Podolsky today at 713.227.0087 for a free legal consultation session.

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