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3 “Harmless” Behaviors That are Considered Sex Crimes

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When sex crimes accusations are reported in the media, the nature of the offenses is usually severe. This may lead some people to believe that only violent or aggressive actions can be prosecuted as sex crimes. However, there are many non-violent, seemingly commonplace actions that can be classified as sex crimes.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of these types of crimes is that they do not always involve physical contact. A common example is an indecent exposure crime, otherwise known as “flashing.” Although this action does not necessarily involve physical contact, it can still be classified as a sex crime by the state of Texas. This is only one example of some seemingly common actions that can be considered sex crimes.

“Harmless” Behaviors

The following behaviors represent a few examples of actions that can be considered sex crimes. While this is not an exhaustive list, it serves to illustrate the point that certain actions do not have to be violent or involve physical contact to be prosecuted as sex crimes. Some examples include:

  • Sex in a public place: When people engage in consensual sexual activity in a public place, they may not realize that they are committing a sex crime. Even if their actions are concealed inside of a car with tinted windows or if they are in a deserted public space at night, they can still be arrested and charged with public lewdness.
  • Mooning, flashing or streaking: Deliberately exposing oneself in public may seem to be nothing more than a harmless prank, but law enforcement may have a different opinion. This activity can be considered an intrusion on the rights of others and may result in a criminal case with serious consequences.
  • Public urination: When someone feels the urge to relieve themselves in a public place, a sex crimes charge is probably the furthest thing from their minds. However, such a charge is a very real possibility if law enforcement catches them in the act. This is an actual crime with real consequences that many people may not think twice about.

A sex crimes conviction, no matter what the initial charge, can have lasting consequences and may be difficult to deal with in the future. A sex crimes defense attorney may be able to defray some of the negative consequences of these charges.

As long as no one was seriously injured or adversely affected as a result of these crimes, a judge may be understanding and willing to work with a sex crimes defense attorney to reduce or eliminate any long-lasting consequences. A defense attorney may be able to show that the defendant had no ill will and meant no serious harm.

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