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Probation Violation

Probation Violation Lawyer – Brett Podolsky

When someone is accused of violating the conditions of their probation, it’s time to contact a Houston area probation violation lawyer. An experienced criminal defense attorney knows how to fight the violation charges or negotiate the best possible outcome.

Are you being charged with a violation of your probation? A revocation of your probation may be the least of your worries. Contact the Law Office of Brett A. Podolsky today to discuss your case. We are dedicated to fighting for our clients and providing the best representation possible.

Don’t Give Up

Whether it is drug-related or driving with a suspended license, being arrested for a probation violation doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. Though the burden of proof is much lower in a probation violation hearing, the prosecutor still has to prove that a violation actually occurred. Allowing a professional legal specialist to review the facts and circumstances surrounding the alleged violation can make all the difference in the world. Some of the more common reasons for being charged with a probation violation are listed below:

When the terms of probation are violated, the offender can be arrested and held in jail without bond. The defendant doesn’t even possess the right to a trial by jury. The presiding judge may choose any of the following courses of action:

Defense Strategies for Probation Violations

A knowledgeable probation attorney can file a motion for a bond hearing. The attorney may also be able to convince the judge to release the defendant from custody while the case is pending. The attorney will then endeavor to resolve the charge of probation violation by showing that the violation never occurred or by negotiating a more acceptable outcome. Every situation is different. Every case deserves careful consideration. The judge needs to understand that returning to jail isn’t in the best interest of the defendant or the community.

A motion by the state of Texas to revoke probation is a serious matter. A Houston probation violation lawyer will negotiate with the court and obtain essential information from the defendant’s probation officer. Effective legal action can help reduce or eliminate pending charges and minimize the time spent behind bars. If a new criminal charge is pending, the goal will be to avoid the imposition of another consecutive sentence.

Call a Houston Probation Violation Attorney

Houston lawyer Brett Podolsky is accustomed to representing defendants who are facing a probation violation related to drug crimes, weapons charges and domestic violence cases.

Anyone who is facing a probation revocation in the Houston area should contact Brett A. Podolsky at 713-227-0087 for a free consultation.

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