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Environmental Crimes

Houston Environmental Crimes Attorney

Individuals and businesses alike can find themselves the target of environmental crimes accusations. The Environmental Protection Agency has broad powers when it comes to conducting investigations and often uses these powers to coerce, threaten or intimidate people into waiving their rights or admitting guilt when they are actually innocent. Similar to other work-related or white-collar crimes, when businesses are the target of an investigation, employees can be harassed or convinced to make up stories about their employer in order to avoid serious consequences themselves.

Have you or someone at your business been charged with an environmental crime? This is a serious matter that requires serious attention. Contact the Law Office of Brett A. Podolsky today to get the help you need.

Crimes Against the Natural Environment

Crimes against the earth can come with significant fines or even time behind bars. A few of the crimes the EPA might charge an individual with include:

Ecological Crimes Investigations

Investigations sometimes result in EPA workers convening a grand jury to look into cases. Grand juries for the federal court system can order a “person of interest” to appear and provide testimony or certain documents. This is done in order to determine if enough evidence is present for criminal charges to be brought. They also have broad leeway when it comes to requesting evidence and are often allowed to ask for things that might otherwise be prohibited.

Attorneys cannot represent their clients while they are making grand jury testimony, which is why it is crucial for defendants to get legal help beforehand. An environmental criminal lawyer can best advise clients how to answer certain questions so that they can avoid unwittingly incriminating themselves during rigid cross-examination. Should a crimes investigation result in criminal accusations, a biosphere crimes lawyer will definitely be needed in order to provide adequate representation.

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