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Drug Possession Penalties

Drug Possession Attorney – Brett Podolsky

A drug possession charge in the state of Texas is cause for alarm. The Texas Penal Code and Controlled Substances Act clearly specify severe penalties for possession of illegal drugs. The application of Texas drug possession laws in the court system, on the other hand, is enormously complicated and open to interpretation. Only an experienced Houston-area drug possession lawyer is equipped to protect a defendant’s constitutional rights and obtain a favorable outcome – whether you are found with marijuana, cocaine, or methamphetamines.

Depending on the type and amount of drugs you are found in possession of, you can be facing some very serious penalties in Texas. Attorney Brett Podolsky can help your case though. He has the experience and skill to ensure the best results possible. Contact his office today.

Texas Drug Possession

Though the term intoxication is customarily associated with alcohol consumption, Texas law defines it as demonstrating a loss of normal mental or physical faculties due to the use of drugs, alcohol or a controlled substance. It is a criminal offense to put others at risk due to intoxication while in a public place. It is also illegal to operate any kind of vehicle while intoxicated.

Drug Possession Penalties

Texas drug possession laws and penalties are rigorously enforced. Simple drug possession offenses, including possession with intent to distribute, can result in either a misdemeanor charge or felony charge. The nature of the charge depends on the quantity possessed, how the drug was stored or concealed, the presence of paraphernalia, the discovery of large amounts of money and the offender’s criminal background. The following is a brief summary of the drug possession classifications and penalties in the state of Texas:

Speak to a Houston Drug Possession Lawyer

A conviction for possession of narcotics or the manufacture of a controlled substance should be avoided at all costs.

For more information about an expert legal defense in the Houston area, talk to Houston attorney Brett Podolsky at 713-227-0087 and get a free initial consultation.

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