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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Lawyer – Brett Podolsky

Like all violent crimes, domestic violence carries severe consequences in Houston. Both the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and the Houston Police Department take the charge very seriously. Entire units have been dedicated to the prosecution and investigation of domestic violence. However, no other charge leads to more false accusations. It is important to call the domestic violence lawyers at the Law Office of Brett A. Podolsky if you are ever arrested or are threatened with allegations of domestic violence.

Attorney Brett Podolsky knows what tactics the prosecution will use and will aggressively defend you in the court of law. If you are facing charges of domestic violence, you owe it to yourself to hire an experienced lawyer like Brett Podolsky today.

What is Domestic Violence?

Behaviors qualifying for domestic violence, also called family violence or assault on a family member, vary greatly. The police may charge family violence for actual physical violence, verbal abuse, threats, stalking and forcible sexual relations. Although these actions may occur between all types of people, they are classified as domestic violence because of the relationships between the two people involved.

Many people believe that family violence occurs only between two married people. However, Texas has a much broader definition of who may be involved in the crime. Violence between any of the following relationships will qualify:

Penalties of a Family Violence Conviction

A domestic violence conviction can negatively affect someone’s life far beyond the penalties actually imposed by the court. The stigma associated with this criminal conviction can cause romantic issues. Other consequences may include:

Because of the possibilities of a negative outcome, people charged with family violence should contact domestic violence lawyer Brett Podolsky as soon as possible.

Outcomes of Domestic Violence Cases

Several different outcomes exist for a charge of domestic violence. The actual result in a particular case will depend on the specific facts and circumstances surrounding it. Many times a charge will not result in an actual conviction. Several defenses exist to a domestic violence charge such as false allegations, self-defense and the defense of others. The Law Office of Brett A Podolsky will be able to effectively and accurately discuss a client’s possible defenses. If a conviction does occur, the possible penalties include:

How Can Brett A. Podolsky Help Me?

Attorney Brett Podolsky is an experienced domestic violence defense attorney who has succeeded in achieving numerous dismissed cases and “Not Guilty” verdicts. Brett Podolsky will knowledgeably evaluate his client’s case and help them to navigate the criminal justice system from the initial accusation to the final decision from the court.

Call the Law Office of Brett A Podolsky for a free consultation: 713-227-0087.

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