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Applying for Parole

Houston Parole Attorney – Brett A. Podolsky

Are you currently in prison for committing a crime in Texas? Parole may offer the chance of an early release. However, in the state of Texas, parole isn’t a right. Parole is a privilege that can only be granted at the discretion of the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. When a prisoner becomes eligible for parole, it’s important to use the opportunity and time wisely. When the time comes to make a successful case for parole, the representation of an experienced Houston parole lawyer will prove to be invaluable.

The Texas parole system may be described as “stingy.” Only one in three eligible inmates will ultimately be granted parole. The parole board has to be convinced of why an inmate is a good candidate for parole. When a defendant is convicted of a crime, they receive either a determinate or indeterminate prison sentence. Determinate sentences are fixed, while indeterminate sentences establish a minimum and maximum range of incarceration. Once a prisoner serves the minimum sentence, they become eligible for parole. If an inmate serving a determinate prison sentence is approaching eligibility for parole, they should contact a Houston parole attorney as soon as possible.

Keep in mind though, much like probation, there will be strict rules following release. If these rules are not followed, you will end up back in prison.

Who is Worthy of Parole?

The advocacy of a knowledgeable parole attorney is essential when preparing a winning case. The parole board will carefully weigh the evidence related to the following areas of concern:

Many inmates may never be granted parole. The parole board is responsible for safeguarding public safety. They want to know how likely it is that an inmate will be successfully integrated back into the community. It is the obligation of the inmate and the inmate’s legal representation to make a convincing case for granting parole. An inmate should contact a parole lawyer as soon as they are eligible for parole because it may take several months to develop a convincing case.

Hire a Houston Parole Attorney

The advocacy skills of an experienced parole lawyer can make a significant difference when the time comes to appear before the parole board. Every inmate deserves the many benefits of having a passionate legal advocate at their side. Attorney Brett A. Podolsky has a strong track record of representing inmates from the Greater Houston Area in front of the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. Whether an inmate has served the minimum time required for an indeterminate prison sentence or sufficient time has elapsed on a determinate sentence, Brett Podolsky can help.

Talk to Brett Podolsky at 713-227-0087 for a free case evaluation.

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